Carol Wagner Fine Dollhouse Miniatures
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About the Artist

IGMA Fellow Carol Wagner

Carol Wagner, IGMA Artisan / Fellow in handcrafted miniature climbing roses, plants, bushes, vines, and accessories for dollhouses and miniature landscapes. 

Carol began her journey through the miniature world in 1984, when it was necessary for her to do a crash course in constructing dollhouse furniture for a project her daughter needed. She struggled through a considerable period of trial and error, but in spite of her lack of experience, was able to complete her part of the project successfully.  At that point she had become hooked on the world of miniatures. In the time since, she has become proficient in dollhouse construction, furniture making, and is a member of IGMA  as a Fellow in Miniature Plants and Flowers.

Her interest in landscaping came after a class she took with Pat and Noel Thomas. She was looking for rose bushes and climbing vines which weren’t available in spite of all of her searches.  Wanting to landscape the craftsman bungalow she decided to attempt a rose bush as a beginning.  Satisfied with the result, she next tried a hanging basket of fuchsias. The bungalow was exhibited at a N.A.M.E houseparty in 1997 and she was asked if she would be willing to make more of the rose bushes on order.  Since then she has provided her roses, plants and vines all over the world.  She has been featured in Miniature periodicals here in the United States and Europe.

Only the most durable materials are used for Carol’s creations.  All of her work is made from brass wire, acid free papers, artist quality paints, and glue.   She mixes her own colors so no two items are ever exactly the same. Every plant, bush or vine is one of kind.  Almost every leaf and petal are hand cut, which are then painted,  sometime two to three times for realism. The shape of the flower, the way a vine twists, or the way a leaf ‘grows’ from the stem is of primary importance to the overall result to any of Carols work.  Where some miniature plants and flowers would take hours to complete, Carol spends days, and sometimes weeks to complete just one project.  Her rose bushes and climbing rose vines consist of thousands of individually placed leaves.

You will find Carol at two posible shows per year.  The Chicago Tom Bishop show, in April and the Good Sam Show in San Jose in October.  The rest of her time is spent filling orders.  She stops taking orders 90 days before any scheduled show date.

Carol lives in Joshua Tree California.  She has been married to her husband Bob for 65 years, has three children, and two grandchildren.